Driving Distances and Driving Times Batch Calculator

This web app calculates driving distances and driving times between geographical locations specified by latitude and longitude, using Google Maps API. Besides driving distances and driving times, the results file will also contain as-the-crow-flies distances.


  1. Enter your dataset below - keep it limited to 10,000 records per batch.
  2. Fill out the invoice data form and pay online (creditcard, via Stripe).
    • Price = $0.01/record. Minimum price = $2.50.
  3. The results file will be sent to you by e-mail within a couple of minutes.
YOUR INPUT - semicolon separated or tab separated

Example results file

Driving distance (km), driving time (hours), and as-the-crow-flies distance (km) will be added to your original inputs.
1;51.935917;4.17385;52.518771;13.402826;723.33;7.1350;631.4810 2;51.9359;4.1738;48.859;2.438;460.73;4.5961;363.5584 3;51.93591;4.17385;41.9017;12.4927;1638.85;16.2244;1280.3101

Invoice data form

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