Geocoder - Google Maps based

This web app retrieves latitude and longitude of adresses (batch wise). It is Google Maps based and provides a handy interface.
You may first try the free Geocoder - OpenStreetMap based


  1. Enter your dataset in the textarea below (it is advised to keep each batch limited to 10,000 records).
  2. Fill out the payment form and pay online.
    • Price = $0.01/record. Minimum price = $2.50.
  3. Upon successful payment, processing will start on our server.
    (several hundreds of records per minute)
  4. When finished, the results-file is sent to you by email.
YOUR INPUT - semicolon separated or tab separated

* You may specify country and postal code only, or leave street number empty. But the more correct address data provided, the more accurate the geocodes will become.

Invoice data form

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