Road distances & driving times calculator - Google Maps based

This tool retrieves road distances and driving times between locations specified by latitude and longitude (batch wise). It is Google Maps based and provides a handy interface.


  1. Enter your dataset in the textarea below (it is advised to keep each batch limited to 10,000 records).
  2. Fill out the payment form and pay online.
    • Price = $0.01/record. Minimum price = $2.50.
  3. Upon successful payment, processing will start.
    (approx. 75 records/minute)
  4. When finished, download the results-file or copy results manually.

Decimal separator: commas are replaced by decimal points automatically
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Payment form

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Pay Now = Start data processing
Upon succesful payment the processing of your input data will start automatically. You will also receive your invoice by email. Do not close your browser session during this process. Do not kill the run. Processing speed is approx. 75 records/minute.

Disclaimer: use at own risk
Though data is frequently stored in your local browser memory during processing, and retrieved from it during processing, Stelling Consulting cannot be hold responsible for any possible loss of data or results, due to interrupted sessions, whatsoever, as the process runs on your browser, not on our server. Stelling Consulting will not refund, as Google charges for each record processed.