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This web app demonstrates sequence optimization, by solving the famous Travelling Salesman Problem. The initial demo is the a280.tsp case (an international standard test case - this one is about a drillboard with 280 holes in it - more test cases on TSPLIB page). In this demo case, the solver developed by Stelling Consulting generates solutions that are often only 0.5% worse than tour length 2586.77 produced by the (by far) superior Concorde (QSopt) solver (via NEOS server). But it often takes several minutes before such a good solution is produced. The best ever solution by Stelling Consulting solver has a tour lenght of 2587.81 (only 0.04% worse than optimum).
Some production sequencing problems can be solved with similar techniques. This is - more or less - a matter of replacing the from-to-Euclidian-distances matrix with a from-to-production-costs matrix (representing machine setup/changeover costs, occurring between products).

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