Batch Geocoder

This web app is a batch geocoder retrieving latitude and longitude of multiple adresses, using Google Maps API.
Price = $0.01/record. Minimum price = $2.50.

Your input data

Record_number  |  City  |  Postal_code  |  Street_name_and_number  |  Country

1;Alphen aan den Rijn;2402GX;Handelhof 82;Nederland;ROOFTOP;52.1463105;4.670809800000029;Alphen aan den Rijn;2402 GX;Netherlands;Händelhof 82 # 2402 GX Alphen aan den Rijn # Netherlands
2;Mountain View;CA 94043;1600 Amphitheatre Parkway;US;ROOFTOP;37.4207358;-122.0857145;Mountain View;94043;United States;1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy # Mountain View # CA 94043 # USA

  • Fields precision, latitude, longitude, full address are added to your inputs.
  • Geocoding precision ROOFTOP indicates that the returned result reflects a precise geocode. RANGE_INTERPOLATED indicates that the returned result reflects an approximation (usually on a road) interpolated between two precise points (such as intersections). Interpolated results are generally returned when rooftop geocodes are unavailable for a street address. GEOMETRIC_CENTER indicates that the returned result is the geometric center of a result such as a polyline (for example, a street) or polygon (region). APPROXIMATE indicates that the returned result is approximate.
  • To force Google to search only within specified oountry, enter that country as two letter ISO 3166-1 code from the list on ISO 3166-1
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Invoice data form

European company with VAT registration number

Upon payment, the invoice and results file will be sent to you by e-mail within a couple of minutes (dependent on batch size).
(You can copy your results file directly into Map Maker to create a map.)