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A. Web apps for supply chain network design (SaaS, in-house developed)

Coming from a background of 20+ years of experience in supply chain (network design) consultancy and Operations Research, Stelling Consulting develops web apps, such as Centers‑of‑Gravity Calculator - used worldwide by logistic service providers, consultancies, and multinationals. See also top menu Supply Chain Web Apps.


B. Excel app development

Stelling Consulting has 20+ years of experience developing advanced Excel VBA applications
  • to support quantitative analysis within a consultancy project - applying simulation or optimization techniques, or
  • to be used as operational software - often an Excel project is about the redesign and automation of an existing customer application, improving its usability and efficiency, and reducing the risk of human errors.
Stelling Consulting likes to share Excel/VBA knowledge. See also top menu Excel Development.


C. Analytical support

Stelling Consulting provides analytical support (quantitative analysis), often in close cooperation with or for other consultancy firms on supply chain related projects.


In suply chain management and logistics you will encounter a lot of quantitative optimization problems. To solve those optimally, you usually need computing power, and smart algorithms. Stelling Consulting comes from this Operations Research background.

Stelling Consulting has been established in 2008

"As a logistician (university degree in business engineering & supply chain management), software programmer, and visual artist I combine '0/1-thinking' with creativity.

Before founding Stelling Consulting in 2008 I have worked eight years at Deloitte Consulting as supply chain management consultant, and became specialized in both strategic supply chain network design and developing optimization software."

Alrik Stelling - Owner

20+ years experience in supply chain consultancy, 15+ years of experience in supply chain network design

Customers: Coca Cola EAG, Siemens, DHL, Smiths Medical, Ingenico, Sara Lee, PKN Orlen, MCB, Stryker, Componenta, Henkel, TMD, Cummins, Takeda, Husqvarna, AbbVie, Henry Schein, Carefusion/Becton Dickinson, Hilti, Medtronic, Axalta, Electrolux.

20+ years of expercience in developing Excel apps

Customers: Ikea, Heineken, Coca Cola Enterprises, Disney, Feadship, Reckitt Benckiser, AT Kearney, Medtronic, AON, SITA, Worldbank, Deloitte Consulting, Swissport, Hamburg Süd, Genzyme, De Nederlandsche bank, Postbank, Flora Holland, Centrum voor Werk en Inkomen, Centraal Orgaan opvang asielzoekers, Ministerie van Verkeer & Waterstaat, Connekt, SenterNovem, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, Vintura, Visser & Smit Marine Contracting, UCB, VolkerRail, HDM Pipelines, Acquaint, World of Delights, OIM Orthopedie, Buck Consultants International, Register Belastingadviseurs, Jumbo Spellen, De Rijke Logistics, Koelewijn bestratingen, Valspar, de Alliantie, PluhZ, DSV.

10 years of experience in web app development (SaaS, in-house)

The online software is used worldwide by logistic service providers, consultancy companies, and multinationals. Several apps originated from Excel apps used in consultancy projects.

Händelhof 82
2402 GX, Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands
☎  +31 (0)6-17830968

IBAN: NL02 ASNB 0267 1844 25, Stelling Consulting, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands. BIC code ASN Bank: ASNB NL21.
VAT no: NL001103008B78.
Chambre of Commerce, The Hague, The Netherlands: no. 27311113.



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