LP Solver (Simplex method)

This web app solves Linear Programming problems using the Simplex method and offers handy input formats for a Transportation problem*, a Network problem*, and a generic LP problem. Soft limit: solving a transportation problem with 2500 decision variables takes approx. 30 seconds, with 5000 decision variables approx. 4 minutes.

* Input is automatically transformed into Simplex tableau format.

Add specific information to transportation and network problem solution
1. Solve transportation problem
2. Solve network problem
3. Solve LP problem

Your input: 1. Transportation problem

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TRANSPORTATION PROBLEM (semicolon or tab separated)
1st row = supply       1st column = demand       All other cells = transport cost per quantity

Your input: 2. Network problem

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NETWORK PROBLEM (semicolon or tab separated)
NodeID; Quantity* ; InCosts; OutCosts; Lowerbound; Upperbound
* Quantity >0 = supply node, <0 = demand node, 0 = regular node
ArcID; FromNodeID; ToNodeID; Costs; Lowerbound; Upperbound

Your input: 3. Generic LP problem

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LP PROBLEM (semicolon or tab separated)